Mail to the Management of Horizon Resort in Hua-Hin about "my problems with the water supply in my rented house in Plot. 27"

I do my best to write in English because my mother language is German. Please contact me when you need more details.

More than 4 months I lived between November 2010 until mid of March 2011 in the Horizon Resort in Hua-Hin in a rented house in plot 27. In this time I had a lot of difficulties with the water supply. It began with water mixed with air and ended with a lack of water.

I wrote 4 Mails to the management of Horizon Resort for help, but I got no answer or a phone. 2 weeks I had daily several hours no water. It was crazy. I could not take a shower oder go to toilette. Horizon Resort was not interested to do anything, therefore I published my story in Internet und my experiences. Be careful with Horizon Resort. Check the houses on hidden construction defects (defective electrical wiring, not pasted and leak plastic pipes etc). I learned: The people of Horizon Resort are interested on you until you have signed the contract.

A further exemple to the last sentence above: My deposit of 30'000 Baht which a paid on the contract one year ago I didn't get on the departure how promised " We will transfer it in the next days to your account in a thai bank", knowing that I cannot do anything from Switzerland.

So I must call: Once "Horizon Resort", never "Horizon Resort" again!

Please notice: The first of my eMails is the latest in the follong following compilation.

My last eMail on 23. Feb. 2011/22:54 to Horizon Resort ""

Betreff: My water supply problems in Horizon Resort Plot.27: It is not yet solved
Von: Max Lehmann
Datum: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 10:34:33 +0700
An: Horizon Ressort (
CC: Max W. Lehmann, Martin Rosse (info at thailand-immobilien dot ch)

Dear Sir

My feeling as an european man is that you are not interested on happy guests, because I didn't get from you a reply to my messages.

The problem with the water supply is not yet solved. I typing this eMail and have no water. I cannot use my toilet or shower. I didn't get from you an access to another house or toilet (the neighbour house is free and not rented!)

Yesterday, 22. Feb. at 12 o'clock as I came back from my bicycle ride and actually, 23. Feb. 09:45 I had no water, because the revised and new installed water pump pumped air in the water pipe . It is crazy and inacceptable for me. Therefore I will not pay the rent fee for the half-month of march, because i rented a high-end-house with water!

If I cannot detect a solution of this problem, my next action in the next day will be to send this mail with an additional comment to all brokers of properties in Hua-Hin. I think they should know my big problems in the horizon resort.

An absolut unhappy guest who paid to much money for a house with a poor water supply
Max Lehmann

eMail of 21. Feb. 07:35 to Horizon Resort ""

Dear Sir

Now it is Sunday evening, 20. February 19:20 o'clock. I came back from a 30km bike tours to the Khao Tao beach. I was full of sand, salt and full of sweat .... and I could not shower, because we had today the second time no water! The water pump did not work.

On Sunday morning I contacted in your ressort office Mr. Cha-Cha and did orientate him about my eMail from yesterday to you. I asked him to call a professional repair service for my water pump.... and what he did: same than 1 week, he send me the gardener to exchange one part in the water pump. Is your gardener the best man for maintenance and repair in your organisa.on? Mr Cha-Cha was not ready to give me a key to the neigbour house for using this toilet.

My patience is now at the end. I require from you to repair my water supply until Monday evening, 21. Feb., otherwise I am thinking about appropriate measures

This mail is also going as a copy to my personal broker Mr. Martin Rosse, from "Hua Hin Immobilien Service Co., Ltd." He adviced me and Fam. Boeschenstein your Horizon Ressort last year.

Max Lehmann

eMail of 19. Feb. 2011/22:54 to Horizon Resort ""

Dear Sir

This attached eMail I send you on 6. Feb. 2011. I am unhappy that you don't answer or contacted me. You made only a copy of my eMail to the your staff in the ressort ... they send the gardener and a maintenance man to repair....with medium succes.

And now we have the 19. Feb. evening 22:30 o'clock. It is now 1 week we had daily serveral hours no water, also no water on this hour. This is not acceptable. Can you imagine not being able to go to the toilet, or no shower in the morning or before going to sleep?

I expect from you that you call a professional service factory to repair the water supply system in this house and in the time between I need a key to the neighbour house for using this toilet.

Max Lehmann

eMail from 6. Feb. 2011 22:02 to Horizon Resort "":

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

In approx. 5 weeks I will go back to Switzerland. I was here together with my Swiss friends Mr. and Mrs. Boeschenstein, but they lived in another house. I was happy in your ressort. The environment with the many trees and bushes, the wonderful swimming pool are great. Also your staff in the ressort were nice and helpful. I felt me safe. I had a good time.

But not all was excellent. I think it is time to get you my feedback, so you can optimize your objects I rented during 4 and half month one of your houses, plot 27 for 30'000 Baht/month. A good price? No, it is an upper price.

  • I was not so happy with the furniture. 1 of the 3 sleeping rooms were empty (only an old desk), no cupboard or a cabinet. I missed a table with chairs to seat outdoor on one of the two nice terraces.

  • The TV connection was poor. I received only 2 or 3 flickering thai stations. The TV cable was not running acceptable. I must organize and pay for an own satellite dish to get more thai stations.

  • I was totally unhappy with the water supply. When the water is flowing then it was light brown and mixed with sand. In a third of the time I didn't get water, I got bursting air mixed with water, and made my clothes and the half kitchen wet. Crazy!

  • Also, I could not understand, why the gardener must use water from my garden, which I pay, to flush the garden of the neighbor house, because there dont exist a water conection. This house is to rent!

  • End of January, I was 1 week in Malaysia. In this time, nobody was in the house. But, how I was surprised, I shall use in this time 2 m³ of water according to the water counter. Why? (As control, I did take photos of the counter before and after)

Already in November last year I reported this water situation to the reception office, but I get the answer: "This is normal in Horizon. We cannot do anything" ... and the gardener did use further my water.

Therefore, such a house with these deficiencies are nothing for me to sale or for a long time rent. I was looking for such an object with a minimum of 12 month rent and found it in another ressort to a better price performance.

Max Lehmann
Thai-mobile: 0875 307 317

Ich bin vom 29. Okt. 2010 bis Mitte März 2011 im Fernen Osten. Ab dieser Zeit ist meine Festnetz-Tf.-Nummer storniert. Ich bin nur übers Mobile, Skype und e-Mail erreichbar.
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